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Java Course in Chennai

Flexus offers, Java training in chennai.We provides you an in-depth knowledge on Java Programming. This Java training enables the students to understand and learn the current trend in the job market. Students will prefer to trainings build their profile for their jobs and also for their higher studies. Our company provides offline courses for Java.

  • Java Basics - Java Programming, Java Installation

  • Java Operations - How to use Java

  • Java Advanced - OOPS , Class / Object Java programs , Exception Handling in Java

  • Java Project - Step by step procedure in implementing Java programming

Java Course Training to the Students

  • Week Day

  • Training hours: 50 Hrs

  • Software & other tools installation Guidance

  • Hardware support

  • Course Completion Certificate

  • Java Course Materials creation / Java Project Report creation

Benefits of doing a Java classroom training

What is Java course ? Student can get a real world experience and also our company provides a hands on training in a professional environment. Courses help to getting a chance to try all the possible jobs with exploring different options in career..

  • A chance to develop your knowledge and skills in a particular field or industry

  • Exploring different roles to see which one you would like to pursue

  • Getting insight into the way businesses work and what challenges they face on a daily basis

  • Ability to write professional code with best coding practices and understand to write reusable codes.

  • Gaining valuable work experience to set you apart from other candidates.

  • Applying the concepts and strategies of academic study in a live work environment

  • Expertly write professional Java programs for various real-life use cases.


Java course