Training and Process

The website needs to collect and organize job listings from employers or recruiters. This involves creating a user-friendly interface for employers to submit job details, including job titles, descriptions, requirements, and other relevant information.

Training and Process

We source candidates for senior, middle, and junior management positions for direct placements on the company roll. Our constantly updated database of professionals in all streams of industries/skill sets serves as the source. Profiles are matched with precision with a unique effective screening procedure. We have earned a proven reputation for expert support on niche requirements. A committed delivery process with a short TAT ensures client satisfaction.

Why choose us:

  • Create an appealing and user-friendly interface with intuitive navigation. Use a clean layout and color scheme that aligns with your brand. Ensure the website is responsive and compatible with different devices.
  • Allow employers to post job vacancies with details like job title, description, requirements, location, salary, etc. Enable job seekers to search and filter job listings based on different criteria such as location, industry, job type, experience level, etc. Implement a notification system to inform job seekers about new job postings matching their preferences. .
  • Provide a registration process for both employers and job seekers. Allow job seekers to create profiles with their personal details, resumes, and preferences. Enable employers to create profiles for their companies, including company details, logo, and contact information.
  • Enable job seekers to apply for jobs directly through the website. Implement an application tracking system to keep track of submitted applications and their statuses. Provide communication channels between employers and job seekers, such as messaging or email notifications.
  • Allow employers to review applications, shortlist candidates, and schedule interviews. Implement features like candidate rating, comments, and feedback to assist in the selection process. Maintain candidate profiles for future reference and job matching.

Allow employers to create and manage their company profiles. Enable them to showcase their brand, company culture, and values. Include sections for company news, updates, and employee testimonials. .