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Custom Web Application Development Agency in India

Based on your needs, Flexus Soft Service assists in resolving and providing superior web development solutions for any of your business goals. You will stand out from the competition with the aid of our cutting-edge technologies.

To embrace the web-centric digital reality, web applications might be made. Our web app development company offers practical, aesthetically pleasing business solutions from offices in the USA and India. We leverage the most recent programming languages, front-end and back-end technologies, databases, cloud services, frameworks, architecture types, and DevOps tools in our effort to produce web products that far exceed expectations.

We can help you quickly reach rewarding business milestones by growing your user base. reaching new business junctures and unlocking new digital opportunities across platforms. We specialise in keeping up with the latest technical developments. As part of our web application development services, we assist you in modernising or redesigning your outdated web interfaces to make them more suited to contemporary user needs.

Our Diverse Web Application Development Services

Dynamic Web Application

Based on the request, a dynamic web application creates pages and data in real-time and replies to the client (you). The client-side code will execute the required action in response to the response.

eCommerce Web Application

A web application called an e-commerce web application enables customers to buy and sell goods and services from your company. A web app for eCommerce may have the appearance of an online store, but it is more than that. New products may be added, and older or outmoded ones may be removed.

Single-Page Web Application

Single-page applications, or SPAs, are dynamic web applications that do not require browser reloads. They function as a single unit of a web application and implement all business and technological strategies in the client-side browser.

Web Portal Development

A portal online application gives a specific type of user a direct link to pertinent information, such as product catalogues and guides. The greatest choice for companies or organisations that like to create specialised user interfaces to meet the demands of their target audience is a portal.

Web CMS Development

A form of website application called a content management system (CMS) enables you to edit the material without involving the technical staff. You can accomplish this without knowing any programming languages by using an admin panel. There are numerous CMS variants with different features and layouts.

Web Legacy Modernization

Using legacy modernisation with acceleration: To keep clients happy, the banking industry must provide a cutting-edge, dependable online banking experience and upgrade it frequently. The team that creates Soft Suave apps specialises in updating and modernising online applications.

The Tech Specialties We Offer For Web App Development

Front End Web Development

The client-side is where users see, experience, and interact with the application. Offering exceptional user experience in this area is the key to every App's success. Hence, with our robust front end development services, we always implement clean scripting and a delightful UX that are beyond user expectations.

Angular JS
React JS
Vue JS
Ionic JS
Back End Web Development

With 10+ experience, we specialize in developing backend systems using strong microservices-based architecture. Also, our web expert's knowledge in back end development ensures our Apps render flawless speed & performance by leveraging multi-tenancy, scalability, and third-party integration.

Node JS

Our Web Application Development Process

Requirement Gathering

Web app development begins with collecting your ideas and features, as well as your purpose and primary goal to develop an app.

UI/UX Design

With wireframes, we get the visual design of placements, layouts, breadcrumbs, features, colors, designs, etc., from your idea.


Using the wireframes, we will create a digital workable product, where we can see the design and features of the web app.


After the prototype design is confirmed, we start to develop the web app using the chosen technologies and frameworks.

Quality Assurance

After the web app is developed, QA testers will perform numerous tests to identify and fix bugs, and helps prevent future errors.


Once it has been tested and approved by the QA team, the Web application will be launched on its respective platforms.